Sunday, 1 November 2015

Level 1119

14 Moves (revised)
4 Chicks
25 Firecrackers
150 Water drops
150 Suns
At the time of writing this, this level has a bug. Hopefully King will acknowledge there is an issue and correct it but it seems if you are doing really well in the first few moves, the "something went wrong" screen will appear and you will have to reload. It doesn't happen every time, and seems to make no difference if you are using companions or not. If you are having the issue, its not just you. Many of us have had the same thing otherwise we would have had a 3 star video.
When this level works it is actually a fun level and apart from the constant reloads, I enjoyed it.
Make as many rows next to as many firecrackers as you can in every move. 
The chickens are quite easy to hit, meaning you will get a lot of eggs being laid.
And if you use combinations or have rows that make other rows, then you will get all your needed crops.
The eggs in the two side parts will either be made by the chicken laying a cracked egg when it moves with the help of a firecracker, or a firecracker will hit one meaning it will match up with the other cracked eggs. If neither happens, use a shovel to either move the chicken, or crack the egg.

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