Level 1118

23 Moves (revised)  
8 Flowers
120 Water drops
120 Carrots
120 Strawberries
You need to rely on the firecrackers breaking the webbed crops (but a missing spider) unless you are really lucky and can make a row of crops. Sometimes it happens. You could also use a shovel, but I think I would advise that you save your shovels until towards the end of the level. 
The flowers are not too bad, you just need to make rows across them so you open more than one at a time. 
The hardest part is moving the seeds and water so that you can make the 4 flowers you need. Once your webs are broken, they will move down as the crops move and then you can make them into flowers. If you don't have many moves left, I would quit and start again. 
26 moves sounds a lot, but seeing as the firecrackers are trapped under the flowers and under the logs, you are not going to hit them with crop rows so easily. If you can make the rows vertically that works out better.


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