Friday, 30 October 2015

Level 1116 **Rancid**

We have 20 moves to torture our way through this level. 
We need to collect 400 Water drops, Carrots and Strawberries.
The water filler companion is handy here as he makes water jump about quicker for us. The more water you can get on the board, the better. Not only does it give you more chance to make rows, it also makes rows for you if it jumps into the right place and then it will give you points on your other crops.
Remember your shovels. They can be used to pat water or remove high points crops.
This is a board that relies heavily on luck as well as skill as there are not many crops, you need lots of points added to your crops to pass.


  1. Very hard level this one. I don't want to spend any beans :)

    1. Sometimes it makes no difference if you choose the hard or easy options. A lot of times I use hard and get a better board. Stock up on shovels and use them earlier in the level so you have more moves left.