Level 1115

10 Moves (revised)
10 Oysters
80 Suns
80 Water drops
This level depends on getting the correct crops falling on the grass, as you need the extra points the grass will make.
You need to open each oyster in as little moves as you can, so make rows against or in between them. If you cannot quite make a row because of a stray crop in the way, shovel it out. The only problem with oysters is they exist you need to keep making rows next to them once open or they close again.
Once you have them cleared you need to gather as many crops on the grass as you can. If you get nowhere, quit and start again until you get a better board.


  1. Love the comment that the only problem with oysters is "They exist" LOL!

    1. I can tell you as well they get no better! However I live in hope that they might change them like the fireflies :D


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