Thursday, 29 October 2015

Level 1114

13 Moves (revised)
75 Carrots
75 Suns
3 Chicks
This is a tricky and since they took away moves, you might find you are sat here waiting a while.
The easy part is making chicks and laying lots of eggs.
The hardest part is the crops. You need to make as many rows on the grass as you can for points and also get cascading crops.
Of course the Chickens are a pain because they always land where you don't want them to go. You are not doing anything wrong, they are sent to try us :(
This level will either let you win, or won't, so its more of a luck game than not depending on how many cascading crops you have.

1 comment:

  1. It's not far taking away moves King needs to think or they will be losing more players, this level is impossible as far as I have been playing like forever, king want's us to spend or quit which is it?