Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Level 1110 **Farm Club**

15 Moves
5 Dragons
50 Carrots
50 Suns
50 Water drops
The only way to pass this newest Farm club level is to make a lot of points on your crops and have a lucky board! You will either struggle or pass with moves to spare.
Remember the trick to getting 3 stars which is helpful on a farm club level. Try to pass the level with moves to spare. Once you reach hero mode, your points get added to the crops, but don't get lost when you make a move. They just keep adding up and that is how you will get your three stars!
We have plenty of eggs on the board, cracked, eggs in nests, and plain eggs. You will likely crack and match up eggs as you are collecting crops, but you definately need combinations again.
Remember shovels as in other levels, removing a crop can make you a row sometimes which saves you a move.
Look for moves where you can make a row of eggs and a crop row by careful swapping, or a row that means moving that one can make another one fall behind it. They are the best, most helpful sort.
The bottom half of the board, in my opinion, is the best place to work as it encourages crops to fall better.


  1. Is this is the last Farm Club?? I'm on 1228 and I scroll up the board and don't see any cow icon level, only apple and rancid icons. I was checking the companions/rewards list , after the phoenix on 1110, there's a question mark (3 actually)

    1. Hi yes, they haven't decided if they are going to carry it on or not at some point. But it is the last for now :)