Level 1109

10 Moves (revised)
1 Spider
60 Suns
90 Water drops
The key to this level is to predict the moves in advance. 
The crops surrounding the spider and his spare nests are constantly rotating on the river, so see if you can work out which crops will be matched up on its next movement and try to plan your crops so that the match you make now, will lead into a row being made for you when the log moves.
You need combinations as always, use L and T shapes and see if you can make any rows of 5 crops to remove all that type in one swoop.
Falling crops make extra points and sometimes shovels can help you here. Because if you use a shovel to move a crop to make a match, not only does it save a move, but it also means you don't lose your added value until you make the next move. Every point counts.


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