Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Level 1106

12 Moves (revised)
4 Flowers
100 Suns
100 Onions
The bulls are lined up so that they can both get to one poppy, before having to remove a flower from in front of each of the last two poppies.
One of your bulls will have to go backwards so it can get the other corner poppy but that's ok.
Try and line your crops up so that they are vertically or horizontally in between the flowers, so that when you make your row, it starts opening both (see the video).
If you make rows towards the bottom of the board, sometimes the falling crops will open flowers for you which is really nifty and saves moves. On top of that, falling crops always mean added points on your required crops too so it shouldn't be too hard to gather the number you need. 

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