Sunday, 18 October 2015

Level 1100

19 Moves (revised)
110 Suns
110 Apples
110 Water drops
12 Oysters
This level is a stinker :(
You don't need to collect the flowers to fulfil requirements, but you do need to move them otherwise the oysters on the left will not be able to fall down, so while waiting for the oysters on logs to come around, make some rows and start opening the flowers.
You need points and more points on crops to get anywhere near the number you need. So again you need combinations (don't we always!)
When opening oysters you need to touch as many as you can with each row you make. Opening one at a time will not get you anywhere. The 20 moves will soon go. Make rows against and in between them.
Falling crops will take care of the numbers you need, so make them fall and fall again.

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