Saturday, 17 October 2015

Level 1098

15 Moves (revised)
16 Flowers
35 Mushrooms
90 Suns
90 Onions
Oh how I hate mushrooms! Fortunately on this level, they are not too bad. You just need to make as many rows as you can around them a few times and they should produce enough to grow your numbers. You can't make them do anything though until you have freed them.
The hardest part about this level really are the flowers. So you need to make as many rows as you can lying against as many as you can.
The more you open this way, the less moves you make. As soon as you have opened a few you can start getting in between them and opening more.
Of course the really really tricky ones are the ones at the very bottom of your board. If you use companions then the grower one, will at least open these for you. Its activated quite often as you are busy collecting onions.
If you don't use the companion, then you have to work a little harder and make vertical rows against the flowers at the bottom. Use a shovel to move them on a step. In fact its probably a good idea to save your shovels until the end then you can use them if you haven't got enough moves left.

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  1. I had to go back to level 780 to get the correct companion, once I did I FINALLY beat the level. Thank you!