Thursday, 15 October 2015

Level 1097

18 Moves
13 Flowers
75 Water drops
75 Strawberries
On this level with ice, flowers that need to be made and water slurping frogs, its important to try to make as much water as you can.
You need to touch as many flowers as you can while trying to open them, and try to make combinations so that you break the ice as well.
You need room to get to the water buckets and fast. 
You only have 9 ready made flowers, which mean as well as collecting 75 water drops, you also need to make 4 flowers too.
To begin with the frogs are not a problem other than the fact they always seem to jump right where you were planning on making a row. Its ok to move them about so that you can get to the flowers. Its once the water comes they will be in the way.
Save shovels for dropping crops down if another crop is in the way, to pat water or open a flower. 
Companions seem to help here unless you get a really good board.


  1. I haven't gotten close to winning in a month of playing.

    1. You will! Its just one of those boards that refuse until its ready to :(

  2. I like the game but can not get pass Level 1097. I’ve been playing this level for two weeks.