Thursday, 15 October 2015

Level 1096

This time the spider has 3 spare nests once he vacates his current home. Start by evicting him, but to do that you need to clear the webs surrounding him and move the firecrackers. Make as many rows next to your firecrackers as you can on every move through the game anyway and you will soon have all 30 without even realising it. Make as many combination moves, and position your crops for falling matches as well by cascading them and that is where your extra crops will come from. Use shovels to break webs next to spiders if you can make a row by swapping a crop into the now unwebbed space, it will save a move.


  1. Farm heroes stopped loading on my android phone, is there problem.

    1. Sorry to hear that Christine and apologies for the very late reply. I was not getting notifications of messages waiting.
      Have a look at this if you're still having issues!