Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Level 1093

18 Moves (revised)
2 Spiders
100 Carrots
100 Onions
100 Strawberries
At first glance this level looks pretty easy.
Its not difficult to get the spiders at all, even though they have two empty nests to jump into. You have been playing this long enough now that you could move them in your sleep.
The tricky part is getting enough crops.
You can complete the level without a companion again, but personally, the breaker companion helps.
You will get enough crops to activate it anyway, so if you have plenty of beans, which you should have by now (and if you haven't you need to go back and look at our making beans file ;) ) to use the companion.
Watch for combinations, the T and L shapes, especially if you can combine web opening.
Make cascading crops fall, so you are better starting from the bottom as that has maximum effect. It gives you more space for falling crops.
Get as many points as you can on each crop and you will pass this level.

1 comment:

  1. fed up with king, used thousands of beans and tools on this, they keep revising and taking away moves, simply not enough moves or crop matches. No more enough is enough.