Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Level 1092

17 Moves
4 Flowers
18 Oysters
180 Suns
180 Strawberries
This time in my video I used the grower companion. To be fair, I got fairly close without using any companion, its just time ticks quicker for us. If you are prepared to spend a lot of time, it is possible I think to not use one.
The advantage of using the grower means you don't need to worry about opening the flowers.
Concentrate on opening the oysters and making rows of crops fall down, which means added points.
Remember shovels, sometimes dropping a crop to make a row can stop the oysters closing again.
The more cascading crops, the more points you get.
If you don't have the companion, its a lot harder. You need rows that fall into the flower sections, that fall in the right place so that you don't need to waste a move everytime you want a flower to open. Otherwise all your moves will be used on them.
Ideally once you have room, the best place to make matches is from the bottom as it encourages crops to fall and hopefully match themselves.

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