Level 1088

23 Moves (revised)
2 Fireflies
10 Flowers
35 Strawberries
88 Water drops
Work on trying to flood the board with water drops, it helps to break the iced water blocks, and also to match next to the flowers and unfurl them.
Working down the centre gives you an advantage of being able to make matches from above and right down the middle, so that you can get to the two fireflies. There are a few grumpies that will fall, but they'll only be strawberries, and once you have a path to the grass at the bottom, the grumpies that fall there become happy again.
Not all the flowers on the board need to be opened either!
Remember that a shovel can come in handy for those flowers that are determined to stay stubborn.


  1. Note: You don't have to collect ALL of the flowers on the board! There are 16 flowers and you only need 12.

    1. Thanks, normally I put that so must have forgot :)


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