Level 1087

10 Moves (revised)
8 Flowers
60 Apples
A very busy board we have here!
You'll need to open the flowers that are all on moving logs, while trying to break the iced crops at the same time. You do have an advantage with the moving logs though, because once you make a move, the logs move allowing you new opportunities for matches. Working from the bottom can help too, as it lets crops fall from the top, sometimes making a match for us.
Generally, the less moves we're given, the easier the level, and I found it held true on this one.
Don't be surprised to find a lost, stray grumpy fall onto the board, it seemed to be an odd duck and I didn't see many appear :)


  1. 10 z├╝ge ├╝berarbeitet?????? ich habe nur 10...das reicht nicht

    1. I managed it in 10 moves but yes they decided to take some moves away cos they are mean :(


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