Level 1084

21 Moves (revised)
3 Oysters
35 Onions
35 Strawberries
2 Flowers
There are plenty of grumpies on this board, remember that they can still ignite a firecracker when matched. The firecrackers themselves are not a requirement, but they will help you to collect crops, open flowers, and even break iced crops.
The oysters are trapped up on the right top corner by both iced crops and flowers, so work on opening the flowers and making matches that include the iced crops to break them as well. Hopefully, the firecrackers will come in handy for helping with these.
There are also seeds to swap with water drops to make grassy areas that will turn even the grumpiest of crops into happy, smiling ones again.
You don't really need to match every seed with water, but a few rows of grass on the bottom will carry you a long way in collecting your needed crops.
Keep a shovel towards the end in case you need to grab up a crop with a very nice point value.


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