Level 1083

17 Moves (revised)
8 Flowers
15 Onions
85 Strawberries

There are already four flowers on board for us, but we need to make four more by combining seeds with water drops. Work on opening the flowers that are started for us, while keeping an eye on moves that are next to the water barrels. 

If a drop jumps out next to a seed, swap them to make another flower, but be careful of the water eating frog, if a match is made next to him, he'll jump and slurp up any water drops he can find. 
Working from the bottom gives you the advantage of falling crops that can help in making automatic matches next to the flowers and barrels both, so take advantage. 
Combinations will increase the value on your onions, and if you see one with a high point value, snatch it up with a shovel.


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