Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Level 1081

20 Moves (revised)
85 Carrots
85 Suns
45 Mushrooms
11 Flowers

We have flowers on the moving logs that need to be opened, and until they are you won't get any crops to fall down.
This is one of those levels that seems to reshuffle every other move, so don't be surprised when crops go topsy turvy!
There are also the flowers tucked tightly away on the top and bottom corners, falling crops will help a bit by matching next to the top ones, but you'll need to make matches to get the ones on the bottom.
Match near the mushrooms every chance you get to make baby ones, they might appear on the moving logs a few times, keeping anything from falling through, but a match anywhere will get them going again. Combinations are needed here too, to increase the value on your needed crops, so watch for those, and especially the +5.
It might be a good idea to keep a shovel handy for the end, just in case you need to collect a stray crop, or finish opening that last flower.

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