Saturday, 3 October 2015

Level 1080 **Farm Club**

17 Moves (changed)
100 Carrots
200 Apples
100 Onions
It's a Farm Club Level
The bombs are back, some love them, some hate them, but either way we have to get through them!
One good thing about the level is that we have frogs sitting just outside the edge, on moving logs. Two of them take out the bombs for us, i.e the red frog eats the red bombs, the blue frog eats the blue bombs.
It is a tricky level no doubt about it, you're going to need combinations, and especially the +5 move, if you can make the move on the bombs it works on removing all those type, dropping down our much needed crops. And then hopefully we can do the same with our apples, carrots or onions.

Since it's a farm club level, getting all three animals is going to be a challenge!!

If it takes more than a few tries to beat the level, try not to be discouraged. Patience and concentration should help you get by.


  1. This level now has flowers as well

    1. Checked, its still the same but we still don't need to collect the flowers to win the level :)