Friday, 2 October 2015

Level 1079

26 Moves
9 Flowers
75 Apples
75 Carrots
75 Onions

All of our seeds to make flowers are on the very bottom, right below flowers that we CAN get to, so start removing those flowers, and there's a good chance that cascading crops will match next to the water barrels, overflowing them and then sending them down towards our seeds. 

Try and let the water drops get to the bottom, opposed to matching them. Then match the water drop and a seed and you have a flower.. Now we have an opposite plan than most other levels, once the flowers that were already placed on the board for us are collected, you'll need to work at the top to get the water flowing from the barrels there. Match as much as you can, even using shovels if need be, but get those water drops down to the seeds. 
By the time all of the flowers are opened and gathered, your crops should mostly be collected as well. If you by chance see a combination that increases the value on other crops, take it. But most of your concentration should be on collecting your flowers.

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