Friday, 2 October 2015

Level 1078

18 Moves (revised)
90 Carrots
90 Apples
90 Suns
22 Oysters

We have to start by making moves toward the bottom on this one, as all the oysters are on the very top, and have to "fall down" through the cracks in order to get to them. 

Give your board a good once over before you even start, because a +5 move might just be waiting for you to make, and if you see one close, you can always use a shovel to make it happen. 
You may notice that on the upper right side, there are two oysters that don't seem to want to fall, so fight them on their level by making matches up next to them. 
Overall, it appears to be a challenging but fun level, and with the right amount of concentration, patience and a good board, you'll have no trouble earning three stars!

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