Friday, 2 October 2015

Level 1077

25 Moves (revised)
2 Spiders
11 Flowers
170 Water drops
170 Strawberries
We're in a bit of a sticky situation, what with the two spiders and the five empty nests they have to jump into.
Try working on the spiders the best you can to dwindle them down, along with their webs. The more room you can make without them, the more crop possibilities you'll have.
It's easier to start at the top, because the bottom contains the flowers that have yet to be opened, and it's somewhat hard to make matches there. As you make an opening in the middle of the board, chances are that the falling crops will open quite a few of the flowers for you. Once you can start working from the bottom, cascading crops will start adding up, and combinations are easily found.
We especially love the +5 move now don't we? Removing all of one type of crop means that the other ones we need fill the board, making it easier to add value and to ultimately beat the level.
Shovels are handy for breaking webs, or for setting up a particularly nice combination.
Try not to break too many webs near the empty nests or the spiders just web them straight up again!

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