Friday, 2 October 2015

Level 1076

17 Moves (revised)
10 Firecrackers
125 Water drops
125 Onions
4 Fireflies

Activating the firecrackers starts everything off, so make as many matches next to them as possible. As your matches are made and crops fall, keep an eye on the fireflies too. You'll want as many of the four to light up as you can get, then if you see that maybe three are lit, you can use a shovel to give the other a tap and watch them all fly away.

There is a narrow square on the board with grass on it, matches made there will automatically have a higher value on them, so watch for those. 
But after you've gotten your firecrackers and fireflies taken care of, working from the bottom is still your best bet, as it causes the crops to cascade, giving several chances of automatic matches for you. 
Watch for combinations, and the +5 move.

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