Monday, 28 September 2015

Level 94 **Farm Club**

18 Moves
40 Carrots
40 Strawberries
40 Suns
Ideally, since this is a Farm Club Level, you'll want to try for all three stars to earn all of the animals. The best way of doing this is to collect all your requirements and then have several moves left over in Hero Mode.

You'll get an increased value on your crops with every match you make with these extra moves.
There are a few grumpy crops on the board, so try not to get them in your matches, as the whole of it will then turn grumpy, thus earning you no points.
Any match made on the grassy areas have a higher point value to them, so if you see a good match, then take it. Also, any grumpy that falls onto the grass turns happy, making it easier for you. Try working towards the bottom, and as you make matches, the crops will fall from the top causing a cascade effect.
Shovels can be used to take out a grumpy, or grab a crop with a nice point value on it.

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