Monday, 28 September 2015

Level 91 **Rancid**

16 Moves
Apples, Carrots, Suns, Water drops x 250
It's a Rancid Level
Firstly you don't need to always use the help option with Rancid levels. A lot of people have won his levels more times without using beans, on the hard option, than on the others. You will need beans to buy the shovels though as they will help.

You can use shovels to remove obstacle crops if you can almost line up a row of crops and one annoying one is in the way. To begin with though, you need to break the iced crops, in as few moves as you can possibly break them in. Because under that ice, is grass.

This is important because every match you make on the grass, will have extra points added on automatically. Once the grass is free, try and make as many rows as you can. Not only will the grass help, but sometimes, making rows at the bottom of your board, can mean you get some rows that will make themselves as new crops fall.

Shovels can also be used to break the ice.

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