Monday, 28 September 2015

Level 90

25 Moves
35 Water drops
40 Strawberries

You'll need to make water drops in this level, and lucky for us, there are four water barrels just waiting to be filled. Match next to them to start them filling up, then they'll throw drops out everywhere. 
But the drawback is that we have grumpy crops, both water and the strawberries that we need, and those grumpies are just waiting to match with our crops and take away our points!
The strawberries don't fall as often as we'd like, and when they do, about half are grumpy, which means you'll have to build up the value on them. Combinations work, so does making matches near them. If you see one with a high value on it, grab it with a shovel. The shovels can also be used to pat the barrels along. 
If you see a potential match with an increased value, take it first, because if you don't and make any other move, the points will disappear.

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