Monday, 28 September 2015

Level 87

34 Moves
4 Flowers
40 Carrots
40 Onions
40 Strawberries

You'll need to get to the flowers at the bottom, to start opening them, but they're surrounded by iced crops. 
It's not as hard as it looks though, just line up a crop next to the same kind and three in a row breaks any that are iced. 
Even a grumpy crop will do the trick. Keep working away at this until you can get to your flowers, and then open them by matching next to them. 
There are only four grass spots at the bottom, you don't really have to make all your matches on them, because if you look elsewhere, you may find a better match. 
Shovels can be used to break ice, and that can come in quite handy.

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