Friday, 11 September 2015

Level 120 **Rancid**

It's a Rancid Level
All we need to throw at rancid this time is carrots, but that rabbit is back and bound and determined to steal our carrots. So before you start, look your board over closely and see if you can find a possible +5 match (5 crops in a row). If you need to, you can always use a shovel to set up the match and then clear the board of all carrots!!
There are a few grumpies here, but luckily they don't fall often.
Try matching near the bottom to allow crops to cascade down from the top, and if you're lucky enough, a few matches will be made on the fall to help you. Combinations of any type will add value points to your crops, so look for these as well.
When Rancid's face turns red, you'll know you've almost got him beat :)

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