Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Level 1075

25 Moves (changed)
1 Poppy
55 Apples
55 Suns
55 Water drops

There's lots of iced crops here, but in my opinion it's a much easier level than the previous ones. There's the bull at the very bottom that needs to be moved over to collect the one poppy, but his work doesn't have to stop there. He can be used to break the ice also by matching next to him and moving him in all directions into the ice, busting them free. 

Try working your way down the middle, letting the crops fall and making matches to clear a path, the more room you have on the board, the better chances you'll have of making combinations to increase the value on your needed crops. 
Also, as in previous levels, working from the bottom when you can, lets the crops cascade down. Shovels are handy for breaking the ice up too.

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