Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Level 1074

12 Moves
5 Chicks
135 Apples
135 Water drops
25 Firecrackers

We're going to have to rely on the firecrackers once again, especially to get the chickens out of the very middle. 12 moves is all we have, a few more would have been a really big help, but we have to work with what we're given right?
Try making matches next to the firecrackers in a way that it touches more than just one firecracker, saving moves. 
The more firecrackers that you can get going, the more sparks that jump and hopefully collect your crops, crack eggs, kick start your hens, and activate other firecrackers too. Look for matches that have higher values on them. It isn't an easy level to do, but with a good board and a few shovels you can get it done.

Awaiting a better video but this was the result of months of trying without boosters

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