Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Level 1073

11 Moves (changed)
4 Black sheep
4 White sheep
135 Suns
135 Water drops

On an H shaped board, we haven't many crops. And the sheep are sitting on moving logs on both sides that have to be brought to the hay. 

The most important thing to remember to get through this level, is that white sheep always move first and the black sheep eat the hay, while the white sheep do not. So bringing the white sheep to the hay first still leaves it sitting there, then you can bring a black sheep over. Since the moving logs go up and down, you can still match next to the sheep without actually putting them on the hay, but it puts them close to the crops. 
Ideally, making a match that moves both a black and a white sheep at the same time is good, as the white sheep will always go first,leaving the hay for the black sheep that then follows.
Keep a watch on your remaining moves though, if you have more sheep left on the board than you do moves, chances are you aren't going to make it unless you can move 2 sheep at once. If not, just hit the quit button and start over with a fresh board.

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