Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Level 1072

11 Moves
2 Spiders
130 Apples
130 Carrots
130 Onions

Spiders and moving logs, and 4 extra webs for the spiders to jump into. 

Sometimes it's hard to plan moves ahead with crops moving along on the logs, but try concentrating on your spiders first, breaking their webs and wearing them down one by one. The more webs you can get broken, the more crops that will fall to help you. 
And once you have all your spiders collected and most of the webs gone, working from the bottom of the board will bring big surprises. The cascading crops fall and the chances are good that you'll get several +5 matches, removing all of that type of crop from the board and flooding more from the top. 
Make use of your shovels, break a web, or remove a crop that's standing in the way of a good match.


  1. Thing is there your getting lucky with your drops!

    1. Only because you don't see the 100s of deleted attempts in some cases ;)