Friday, 18 September 2015

Level 1071 **Rancid**

15 Moves (changed)
It's a Rancid Level!

This time round, we have to throw strawberries, apples, suns and water drops at the taunting Raccoon to knock him off his pedestal..
You don't need to touch the spiders at all. You might break webs when making rows of crops, but its ok. The only problem is when he webs, he cuts off an entry point for falling crops. It shouldn't cause major problems though.
Half of our board is made up of slimed plots, with no seeds to make clean grass. The other half is nice and green though, so try concentrating there if you can. You'll get increased value on any crop that sits on the grass. You'll find that's it's an easy level on the whole, with moves left over even after you've defeated him. The more moves left, the more stars, since they took away some moves its a little harder but still passable.

Shame we can't carry those moves over to the next level :) 
A big shout out to Tracy Goodwin for her wisdom and tips on this level :)

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  1. No matter how many times I beat Rancid, only get one Star. Been working on this for days now. Maybe in 20 hours roadblock will go away?