Friday, 18 September 2015

Level 1070

18 Moves (revised)
70 Suns
70 Carrots
70 Onions
70 Strawberries

I'll have to be honest and say that this is a very confusing level. We have the moving logs that travel around on the river, and they're all slimed spots. But once they move onto the grassy area, they turn from grumpy to happy. 

Now saying that, it's still hard, because at times, the bottom logs run out of crops! Leaving you with no possible matches on the bottom of the board to make. The top and bottom areas are where you're going to get the most points, but collecting from the top can be risky as it uses too many moves without knowing if any possible matches will fall onto the board. So make use of your shovels, try to find a way to get a match going by picking a crop off with the shovel and hopefully letting other crops fall, and making a match. Remember that sometimes we have no choice but to make a match of the grumpies, even though it doesn't net us any points. It will still allow crops to fall, and if we're lucky, some of them will fall into place, making matches on their own. 
Keep in mind too, that the only way to get the logs to move along, is by making any match possible. Sadly, using the Producer Companions can cause more of a headache than a help as they tend to throw crops willy nilly onto the board, potentially ruining a good match. It may take several tries for this level, and it may even take boosters such as the tractor, but don't get discouraged, you can pass it given time, patience, and a good board.

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