Friday, 18 September 2015

Level 1069

11 Moves (changed and made harder :( )
4 Sheep
60 Suns
60 Water drops
60 Strawberries

We have the four sheep to get across the narrow space to the other side. 

The layout of the board is a bit tricky what with having two different sections of a whole, but getting the sheep across isn't too much of a bother, and by the time you get them to the hay, you've collected a lot of your crops.
Remember that each time you get a sheep to a hay spot, he eats that hay, so you'll have to take them farther in when you bring the others across. If you keep watch on your moves, and have too many sheep to still get to the hay, count the moves needed, and if you haven't got enough, it's best to quit the level and start with a new board. Make use of your shovels.

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