Friday, 18 September 2015

Level 1066

15 Moves (changed level)
28 Oysters
150 Water drops
150 Carrots
50 Mushrooms

It looks daunting, and it is. There are twenty eight oysters on the board, and we need to collect every single one of them. You already know by now how to get the oysters, but you'll need to make a path somewhere on the board, to open up into the oysters to get crops to fall down into them. 

It's going to be hard to get underneath the oysters for matches, and when you make a +5 match, those crops will all disappear from the board dropping the oysters straight down to the bottom. So at either side, or right down the centre would be the way to go. 
Once the oysters are whittled down, your board will open up for possible combinations, and these will increase the value on the needed crops. On any ideal board, falling crops make matches on their own, and that saves you moves. 
Speaking of which, keep your eyes on those moves as they go faster than we want.

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