Friday, 18 September 2015

Level 1065 **Farm Club**

This is a really refreshing level, there are tons of firecrackers on the board, (they aren't a requirement though) But you'll need the sparks from them to collect your crops.

The more you can match up to the zingers, the better chances you'll have at getting the three stars to earn all your animals. As you make your way into the firecrackers and start getting room for the crops to fall, you'll find combinations, and working from the bottom helps too. The sad part is that even while getting all your crops and having moves left, it's still hard to get all three stars.
So try getting all your crops and then when you hit Hero Mode, everything will have a much higher value. Also, saving a shovel or two towards the end lets you grab up a crop with a nice points on it.

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