Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Level 1064

12 Moves
25 Firecrackers
75 Onions
75 Strawberries
6 Flowers

As in the previous level, the firecrackers play an even more important role here. 

Sitting just outside the board are the flowers we need to collect, and unlike many layouts, these flowers do not fall down when a match is made under them. This is where the firecrackers have to do the work for you, so make as many matches as you can next to them, setting them off and sending the sparks zinging to the outside flowers. 
It'll take quite a few firecrackers going off to open all the flowers, and can be quite tricky. For this reason, some of you may want to use Okapi, the Zebra Grower Companion, earned on the farm club level 900 or the Smilodon Igniter companion on level 671. If you don't have them, no worries, just keep matching away on those zingers and you'll get the job done. And a few shovels thrown in will help too!!

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