Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Level 1062

24 Moves (changed)
100 Apples
100 Carrots
100 Water drops
20 Flowers

Lots of barrels for making those water drops, and the more you can get to jump out and on the board, the better to help you make matches next to the flowers with.
You only have a small area of crops to work with at the start, right at the top middle, so don't be surprised if your board reshuffles a few times, eventually the water will flow and the flowers will open, giving you room to work.
Working down the centre seems to help the most on opening the flowers. Study your board and see if you can get a +5 match, removing all those crops will let more rain down from the top, and hopefully, make some matches against the barrels too.
All the flowers on the board are needed, so save a shovel or two towards the end, just in case.

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