Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Level 1061

15 Moves (changed)
4 Sheep
115 Carrots
115 Apples
115 Strawberries

We have four sheep sitting in their little cubby holes, and we have to lure them out and try to get them over the moving logs to the hay on the other side of the river. 
It looks difficult, but really isn't. Make your matches to lead the sheep out, keep an eye on the crops on the moving logs, see what will come down toward your sheep next and plan on getting him across that way. The top two sheep are the easiest as there are more moving logs there. 
On the bottom two sheep, try moving them upwards first and then over for an easier crossing. While working with your sheep, don't forget to look for good matches of needed crops, especially any type of combinations. If you see a crop with a very nice point value on it, you can always grab it with a shovel. Other than that, this level isn't too extremely hard. Remember that if you use a producer companion, planned moves might go awry at any given moment. 

Companions can help us out in many cases, we just have to pick and choose which level they might be best used for. Good Luck :)

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