Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Level 1058

14 Moves
120 Apples
120 Carrots
120 Onions
120 Strawberries

There's a lot of crops needed, but luckily (or not so lucky?) we have flower boosters that when switched with a crop, will grab up all the crops surrounding it. 

And if those crops have a high value, then all the better! Try saving them until you do. The problem is that for each booster we use, that's one less move we have. And with only 14 moves, that doesn't give us a lot of wiggle room. 
My advice is to try for combinations, especially the +5 row. The combinations will increase the value on the crops and then, if the color booster is close, you can use it. Otherwise, it seems to me that there are too many color boosters that tend to get in the way, and take up much needed room on the board. 
All the companions are producers, so remember that if you use one, and are trying to set up a really good match, the companion may throw a crop in your way, messing up your hard earned work. More than one try may be the norm for this level, but you'll find your way by understanding how the booster works for you.


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