Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Level 1057

17 Moves (changed)
16 Oysters
25 Firecrackers
150 Water drops
150 Onions

It looks very intimidating, but it's actually quite a fun level. 

We have all those oysters in the middle, and the fireworks all around. Start making matches next to the oysters or firecrackers in a way that the match touches more than one of the chosen to save on moves. 
Working down the board a little causes the crops to cascade, bringing more crops and potentially more matches down to help you out. It's always nice when crops match up on their own, and you'll see this happen often. Set the firecrackers off so that the sparks zing across the board and grab up some points for you. 
Almost towards the end, you'll find the board will be somewhat opened up and combinations are likely. Work toward the bottom whenever you can to let cascading crops fall. Have fun with the level :)



  1. It is impossible, the firecrackers are almost a non event, they don't drop enough, you cannot possibly beat this level with only 17 moves to many crops and NOT ENOUGH FIREWORKS. Good bye king.

  2. Agree. The firecrackers don't drop down, and even if you clear the board of the ones showing, you only get about half of what is needed.

  3. I quit the level 1057. It is impossible!