Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Level 1055

20 Moves
4 Flowers
35 Suns
35 Water drops
3 Dragons

All four of our flowers are stuck at the bottom, surrounded by moving crops on logs, and we have the dragon to get also, which means there are eggs all over the board. 
Thankfully the needed crop count isn't too high, because we'll need everything we've got to try and open those flowers. Personally I don't always like to use the companions as they seem to just get in my way, but I'll admit to liking the grower companion on this level. Otherwise, keep trying to match at the bottom, mostly on the left and right of the flowers, you'll be able to line up three crops that way and get a match. Don't forget that a shovel can help open a flower, or crack an egg or two.

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