Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Level 1052

25 Moves (changed)
8 White sheep
150 Onions
150 Strawberries
8 Black sheep

There's a two sided layout with eight sheep on each side. Remember that the white ones don't eat the hay like the black ones do, so if you can get them on the hay first it makes things easier. The top half of the board is crops moving along on moving logs, it's not always easy to plan moves with them, but if you study them close, you may find a pattern, or at least an idea on what crop will be in place next. 

If you by chance get a sheep on the moving logs, don't worry as it will travel to the other side where there should at least be a couple of hay spots left. More than a try or two is expected on this level, so don't let yourself get discouraged :)


  1. Finding this level very tricky.

    1. Sometimes its purely down to having a board that is designed to let you win and you do not win until you get that. Keep at it, you will do it, just have patience :)

  2. The first level I am genuinely sorry to have finally completed. The most interesting so far, in 1052 games!