Monday, 7 September 2015

Level 1050 **Farm Club**

19 Moves
4 Flowers
80 Onions
80 Strawberries
55 Mushrooms

It's a Farm Club Level Instead of the spiders caught in the webs, it seems the mushrooms have gotten caught. Making matches next to mushrooms causes baby ones to pop up, these will appear almost anywhere on the board, but hopefully next to the those mushrooms in the webs, and then when a match is made of any type, the baby ones will grow into adults and match next to the webs to break them.
You don't have to get all the webbed mushrooms as you'll make quite a few just by getting your crops, but it'll help you to open the four flowers also. 
Combinations will be a big help, and keep a shovel or two for the end in case you need a few more points to reach all 3 animals for this farm club level.

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