Monday, 7 September 2015

Level 1049

29 Moves (changed)
3 Spiders
250 Suns
250 Water drops
250 Onions
Firstly, you don't need to collect the flowers at all on this level. You will need to open some of them though to get to the spiders, so you will probably find that you end up removing most of them anyway.
Its better to make as many crop rows as you can on the grass for the extra points, but to do that you need to move the spiders, which means moving some of the flowers.
Try to limit the flower opening to where the spiders are if you can, because once the webs are gone, the crops will fall to the grass. 
Opening other flowers will just use moves you need to save. 
30 Moves sounds a lot, but the spiders will take a lot of them so you will need combinations etc again.

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