Thursday, 3 September 2015

Level 1047

14 Moves (changed)
125 Apples
125 Water drops
6 Flowers
9 Oysters

Match up against the flowers the best you can to open them. 

Your crops are moving on the logs, so you won't always be able to touch certain areas of the flowers. When you're able to get an opening in the flowers, crops will start funnelling down and in towards the oysters, allowing you to open them also. Most of your crops will be gathered just by working on the flowers and oysters, but keep an eye open for any high value matches.


  1. Can't believe how many has quit , this one had almost makes me want a delete game but I can't but something has to change on this level1047 have used over 5000 beans and every thing I can throw at it, no way of beating! Please help

    1. Trust me, I know how you feel. At least once you get past a level tho it's done, they constantly change them so even nightmare ones get harder and I have to update. All I can suggest is that you google farm heroes support or tweet them on Twitter or live chat on King care and tell them. The more that do the more likely they are to listen. Sorry I can't give you the link as I had to turn off the copy and paste function :(