Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Level 1046

20 Moves (changed)
4 Poppies
4 Fireflies
150 Carrots
150 Apples

From the start you may be able to use the fireflies to your advantage. Look for a match that takes both bulls up against the fireflies, and then one at a time over to the sides just under the poppies there. Once you have matched and gotten the fireflies out of the way, take the bulls up into the poppies, continue up to the top, over and then down to the remaining poppies. If you get a bull out of order, you can still use the remaining one to get all your poppies. Study the board and don't worry if you need a couple of goes at it. Keep in mind that working from the bottom of the board causes your crops to cascade, giving you more matches, and ultimately more points.

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