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Farm Club and its boosters

The reason you earn three animals on certain levels, known as the farm club level, is to unlock boosters. Once unlocked the boosters can only be used once, so use them wisely.

Each new release of levels will bring you another chance to earn or complete boosters. And each animal you unlock will be different levels. So you might earn 3 stars in one level, but that will be the same as 3 animals on different rows in the farm club level.

Also worth to note, you do not get your free daily ones (the ones that recharge after so many hours) while you have any boosters sat in your booster bank.

How to find the Farm Club
It will be on the top left of your screen when you are on the map as shown here

Using the Farm club
Click on it and you will get a screen like this.

The first tab is COMPANIONS and will always show up first. That shows you each companion you have unlocked and what they do. If you hover over the companions on your current level though, it will tell you the same thing. 

You need to click on the REWARDS tab.

This will bring up something like the above image. 
If you have unlocked al 3 animals for each booster, it will have all 3 animals in a row (like the top one) and will either have use or collect next to it. Click on Use/collect and the boosters will be added to your booster bank at the top of the screen.
If all 3 animals are not unlocked though, you will notice the animal will be in silhouette.
To know which animal you need to unlock, hover your mouse over the empty space and it will tell you which animal you need, and how many stars to unlock it and the level number.

If you click on it, it will take you directly to the level you need (this way is also used as a shortcut if you want to play earlier levels. Even if you have already collected the animal, it will get you to the level  you want so you don't need to scroll all down the board as shown in the video below).

PLEASE NOTE the companions have been paused at the moment. They have not decided if they are making more or not. You will see questions marks on level 1110 onwards and no more animals. This is not a fault its intentional. If they bring them back in the future we will update :)


  1. This is a good explanation, but I've found that after completing that level, nothing changes. The animal stays as a silhouette. What else needs to be done to get that third animal?

    1. Have you completed it with all stars? You don't complete each animal with stars from the same level, so it might be you have to play a different level to open the animal. If you hover over the silhouette it should tell you which level. If you have done this, you need to contact king. google farm heroes support and it should give you the email address.

  2. Yes on mine it shows 3 stars under the animal on that level but it's still a silhouette.

  3. If you hover your finger/mouse over the silhouette, does it give you a level to complete?
    I am going to give you some trouble shooting ideas, but if it doesn't work, Can you screenshot the silhouette and screenshot the level with 3 stars, and could I ask you to post on King care. If you haven't used it before, you just need to register. If you could let me know your user name, I can go over and have a look and either suggest some troubleshooting or I can pass it onto one of the King care team to log as a bug (I am an official King care helper). I know sometimes if you're not connected to wifi it can cause it. The suggestion was to disconnect your account from the game and close it. Close down your wifi, reboot your device, restart wifi then open the game and log in and see if they reappear.
    Or as a last resort if you have no saved boosters ( as boosters are saved on your phone/tablet) if you are using a device, uninstall the game, reboot your device, then reinstall. Open and log in and see if they appear.

  4. Why are there question marks on some of the rewards, and how can I get them?

    1. Sorry for the late response, they have stopped the farm club levels for the time being :)


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